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Display Materials | Bulletin Board Sets

Pre-cut, themed and pre-printed these sets are fabulous for display or a classroom centre piece. Teaching ideas with a reproducible sheet included with each set.

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T-8014 Solar System Board SetT-8014 Solar System Board SetOur price: £14.50ViewIntroduce the wonders of our solar system with these vibrant NASA photos. 26 pieces, up to 810mmT-8029 Plants on the Grow Board SetT-8029 Plants on the Grow Board SetOur price: £13.30ViewIntroduce students to the science and fun of growing plants. 30 piece set that includes 600mm poster information cards and more.T-8045 Calendrier Mensual Board SetT-8045 Calendrier Mensual Board SetOur price: £14.50ViewIntroduce French with this bulletin board set that features dates and special day markers plus month tiles and seasonal die-cuts, 100 piecesT-8063 Under The Sea Board SetT-8063 Under The Sea Board SetOur price: £14.50ViewIntroduces sea animals and compliments science projects, creative writing and basic maths. 31 pieces up to 735mm
T-8096 Year Round CalendarT-8096 Year Round CalendarOur price: £16.50ViewIncludes 430 x 560mm calendar, weather, months and special days. 149 piecesT-8152 Good MannersT-8152 Good MannersOur price: £15.50ViewDemonstrate that manners matter. Motivate kids to make wise decisions everyday. 26 pieces, largest piece 440 x 315mm.T-8161 Continents of the World Board SetT-8161 Continents of the World Board SetOur price: £14.50ViewDetailed artwork that accurately depicts the seven continents. Perfect for geography and social studies lessons. Display pieces together for a full world map that spans 1.65m, 16 pieces up to 900mm wide.T-8164 Holy Week Board SetT-8164 Holy Week Board SetOur price: £14.50ViewThe events of Holy Week and Easter are depicted in five individual pieces. 11 pieces is the set, the largest is 300x400mm.
T-8176 Giraffe Growth ChartT-8176 Giraffe Growth ChartOur price: £15.50ViewFeatures a 1.8m giraffe and jungle animals with their equivalent heights. Recording char included with the teachers notes. 8 piecesT-8182 Place Value Board SetT-8182 Place Value Board SetOur price: £13.30ViewInteractive set includes place value words, numerals 0-9, commas, decimals and teaching charts. 77 pieces, the largest measuring 405mm.T-8194 Star CalendarT-8194 Star CalendarOur price: £15.95ViewIncludes 660 x 800mm Calendar, two sets of numbers 1-31, weather & season labels and more. 165 piecesT-8202 Playful Penguins Board SetT-8202 Playful Penguins Board SetOur price: £13.30View Features 22 penguins in 2 sizes, 18 snowflakes in 2 sizes and 3 floating ice chunks. 43 pieces, largest of which is 405mm wide.
T-8206 Amusing Animal Alphabet LinesT-8206 Amusing Animal Alphabet LinesOur price: £13.95ViewPlayful illustrations and silly phases. Includes iterative sentence strips on separate pieces. Letter cards measure 220 x 165mm 52 piecesT-8209 Painter Bear Job Chart Board SetT-8209 Painter Bear Job Chart Board SetOur price: £13.95ViewTeaches 10 colours and features 32 paint brushes for writing student names, labelling and assigning tasks, 36 pieces. Assembled the bear is 900mm tall.T-8211 Frog Pond Number LineT-8211 Frog Pond Number LineOur price: £13.95ViewTeach numerals 0-100. Includes counting strips in tens, frog & dragonfly markers and blank lily pads. Each strip 100 x 870mm, 38 piecesT-8212 Hands in Harmony Learning TreeT-8212 Hands in Harmony Learning TreeOur price: £15.50ViewIncludes 6 pairs of large hands and 19 pairs of small hands. Fully assembled the tree is over 1.2m tall. 52 pieces
T-8213 Let's Talk About BullyingT-8213 Let's Talk About BullyingOur price: £14.50ViewStory wed allows you to develop scenarios and role play activities. Four pieces, largest measures 440 x 660mmT-8247 Razzle Dazzle Welcome Board SetT-8247 Razzle Dazzle Welcome Board SetOur price: £15.50ViewThis banner will brighten classrooms, hallways and common areas. Fully assembled the sign is 1.9m long. Also included are 32 frames featuring co-ordinating patterns for student photos. 35 piece setT-8303 Calendario Mensual Board SetT-8303 Calendario Mensual Board SetOur price: £15.50ViewIntroduce Spanish with this bulletin board set that includes cling-on dates, special day markers, month tiles and seasonal die-cuts. 50 cut outs and 50 cling-on pieces.T-8601 Pond Life Mini Board SetT-8601 Pond Life Mini Board SetOur price: £9.95ViewDiscover how the creatures found in a pond interact in an eco-system. Features more than 20 animals and plants, plus a colourful header sign. Largest piece is 505mm
T-8604 Rocks & Minerals Mini Board SetT-8604 Rocks & Minerals Mini Board SetOur price: £9.95ViewExplore rocks and minerals and discover the amazing way they are formed. Photo samples of minerals and the main types of rocks. 14 pieces, largest 380mmT-8606 Plant Life Cycle Mini Board SetT-8606 Plant Life Cycle Mini Board SetOur price: £9.95ViewA six stage display introduces the sequential development of plants and introduces different reproductive strategies. 20 pieces up to 330mm
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