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25330-CI-101 Bumper Sequins Storage Tray25330-CI-101 Bumper Sequins Storage TrayOur price: £65.00ViewA fabulous classroom resource suitable for all craft projects. This storage tray contains 14 tubs of sequins in assorted designs, plus 2 packs of 100g Giant Spangles.25CP-0 Collage Craft Pack25CP-0 Collage Craft PackOur price: £29.50ViewSuper selection of collage products including pom poms, clear wrap sheets, sequins, acrylic jewels, feathers, corrugated shapes, foam shapes and sheets, shimmer shower, wood shavings, colours & natural matchsticks, cork tops and glitter.25XX-People Pack25XX-People PackOur price: £28.50ViewA superb classroom resource with the most popular multicultural products and some craft essentials.2851-0 Collage Craft Compendium2851-0 Collage Craft CompendiumOur price: £35.00ViewA stunning collection of craft items in a 75mm deep tray. Contains acrylic jewels, pony beads, coloured & plain matchsticks, foams shapes, corrugated paper shapes, wood chippings, glitter, ribbons, craft sticks, polystyrene shapes, feathers and tissue paper.
2852-0 Creative Papers Compendium2852-0 Creative Papers CompendiumOur price: £35.00ViewA vast array of quality creative papers including Fadeless Safari Prints, Spectra Art Tissue, Art Kraft Paper, A5 Construction Paper, Super Value Construction Paper, Paper Squares, Fadeless Art Board and Corrobuff Sheets supplied in a 150mm plastic storage tray.2853-0 Christmas Craft Compendium2853-0 Christmas Craft CompendiumOur price: £39.50ViewAn ideal pack to cater for all Christmas art and craft needs. contains glitter, metallic corrugated sheets, foam shapes, clear wrap sheets, festive feathers, metallic shreds, festive pipe cleaners, metallised tissue, acrylic jewels, shimmer shaves and gold and silver card. Supplied in a 150mm deep storage tray.2855-0 Jewellery Making Kit2855-0 Jewellery Making KitOur price: £19.00ViewAn exciting range of brightly coloured beads in a variety of designs. Includes enough materials to make 20 bracelets and 24 necklaces. Contains Silver Lined Beads, Bicone Beads, a wide assortment of Glass Beads, Stretchy Cord, Beading Wire, Crimping Tubes and Barrel Clasps.2856-0 Animal Pack2856-0 Animal PackOur price: £29.75ViewGo wild with this superb resource. Contains Fadeless Safari Sheets, Safari Print Paper, animal pom poms, three different types of feathers, safari tissue paper, safari felt, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, polystyrene eggs and activity paper.
Crowns - Gold & Silver (Pre-cut Card, 2 x 6 designs) CT4252Crowns - Gold & Silver (Pre-cut Card, 2 x 6 designs) CT4252Our price: £1.72View Crowns - White (Pre-cut Card, 2 x 6 designs) CT4253Crowns - White (Pre-cut Card, 2 x 6 designs) CT4253Our price: £1.50View Felt Butterflies Classpack 29102Felt Butterflies Classpack 29102Our price: £27.50ViewThis kit contains everything you need to create 30 beautiful padded butterflies.Hand Puppets Classpack 29101Hand Puppets Classpack 29101Our price: £16.50ViewContains everything needed to create 30 colourful hand puppets.
L-FT8000 Feathers ClasspackL-FT8000 Feathers ClasspackOur price: £14.30ViewClasspack of feathers containing assorted coloured feathers, peacock feathers, natural feathers, duck quills and exotic feathers.L-KT8010 African Masks Class KitL-KT8010 African Masks Class KitOur price: £41.50ViewThis class pack contains black face masks, lollipop sticks, matchsticks, foam sheets, felt squares, sequins mesh and illustrated teacher's notes. Makes 30 masksL-KT8150 Egyptian Masks KitL-KT8150 Egyptian Masks KitOur price: £41.50ViewContains 30 light brown masks, assorted sequin mesh, assorted foam sheets, foam shapes, gold paint, gold elastic and teachers notes.L-KT8160 Roman Masks KitL-KT8160 Roman Masks KitOur price: £41.50ViewContains 30 light brown masks, assorted foam sheets, foam shapes, bumpy chenille stems, sequins mesh, coloured matchsticks and teacher's notes.
Spring Collage Compendium 2850-0Spring Collage Compendium 2850-0Our price: £36.00ViewA plastic storage box full of spring themed craft items including feathers, pom-poms, wooden shapes, sequins, ribbons, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and more.(contents may vary slightly)W1859614 Pom Poms Bumper ClasspackW1859614 Pom Poms Bumper ClasspackOur price: £11.25ViewBumper classpack of pom poms in a large variety of colours, sizes and designs 456gWoodland Buddies Classpack 29256Woodland Buddies Classpack 29256Our price: £31.00Viewa super classpack which contains everything required to make 24 woodland creatures. Make four each of Willow the Fox, Hoots the Owl, Finn the Frog, Hazel the Squirrel, Barney the Badger and Heidi the Hedgehog
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