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Craft Materials | Feathers

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25997-0 Small Spot & Plume Feathers 7g25997-0 Small Spot & Plume Feathers 7gOur price: £2.00View7g bag of assorted small pot and plume feathers25998-0 Small Quill Feathers 14g25998-0 Small Quill Feathers 14gOur price: £2.20View14g bag of small quill feathers25999-0 Short Marabu & Quill Feathers 28g25999-0 Short Marabu & Quill Feathers 28gOur price: £2.45View28g bag of short marabu and quill feathersCS4500-03 Spring Feathers 14gCS4500-03 Spring Feathers 14gOur price: £1.50View14g bag of assorted spring feathers
CS4500-07 Autumn Feathers 14gCS4500-07 Autumn Feathers 14gOur price: £1.50View14g bag of assorted autumn feathersCT3165 Assorted FeathersCT3165 Assorted FeathersOur price: £1.70View 28g pack of brightly coloured feathersCT3195 Feathers ClasspackCT3195 Feathers ClasspackOur price: £9.98View Bumper school classpack of feathers in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes including duck, quill, natural and spotted.Feathers -  Christmas Colours 14g CS4500-05Feathers - Christmas Colours 14g CS4500-05Our price: £1.50View14g bag of assorted Christmas feathers
L-FT6130 Assorted Feathers 50gL-FT6130 Assorted Feathers 50gOur price: £5.20View50g bag of assorted feathersL-FT6200 Yellow Feathers 25gL-FT6200 Yellow Feathers 25gOur price: £3.10View25g bag of yellow feathersL-FT7100 Duck Quill FeathersL-FT7100 Duck Quill FeathersOur price: £2.90View20g bag of assorted duck quills approximately 18cm longL-FT7300 Peacock Feathers 10'sL-FT7300 Peacock Feathers 10'sOur price: £4.35ViewPack of 10 peacock feathers approximately 30cm long
L-FT7400 Turkey Quill FeathersL-FT7400 Turkey Quill FeathersOur price: £4.35ViewBag of 14 turkey quill feathers approximately 30cm longL-FT7500 Assorted Exotic Feathers 25gL-FT7500 Assorted Exotic Feathers 25gOur price: £3.25View25g bag of assorted exotic feathersL-FT8000 Feathers ClasspackL-FT8000 Feathers ClasspackOur price: £14.30ViewClasspack of feathers containing assorted coloured feathers, peacock feathers, natural feathers, duck quills and exotic feathers.Natural Feathers 25g L-FT7200Natural Feathers 25g L-FT7200Our price: £3.25View25g bag of natural feathers
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